Bespoke VR & AR experiences

Wow and amaze your audience in a gamified environment.

How are brands using virtual and augmented reality?

Brands are finding it increasingly difficult to engage their audience. No longer does a pop up banner at an expo or a 30-second explainer video get the attention of your target audience. What once seemed like a far-fetched, futuristic scene from a movie, can now be achieved.


VR & AR provide an incredible opportunity for brands to engage with prospects in a more personal, experiential way than ever before. Marketers need ways to offer a memorable and unique experience with their brand.

Engagement levels are incredibly high when it comes to VR and AR. These new and exciting platforms let users be wowed by the powerful experience. With clear messages able to be told through storytelling in a gamified environment, the user remains captivated with their undivided attention, creating a lasting impact.

  • Display 3D captured or simulated enviornments that feel like you're there
  • Add interactivity and gamification so users can discover your brand and message
  • View through virtual or augmented reality headsets and distribute company wide

Why us?


We work with you to develop a compelling story and message.


Our talented team will use a variety of capturing and modelling methods to bring your idea to life.


Here we work our magic to colour grade, remove unwanted objects and add motion graphics.


Utilising the same processes as used by game developers, we bring all the components together and add in the interactivity.


We are constantly testing the latest hardware and will help determine the best requirements for your needs.


Once everything is together we will be there to help train your team and fix problems along the way.

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