case study


Venyu’s vision was to be able to explore wedding venue sites in an interactive and informative way prior to an onsite visit. Usability, branding and the ability to update information boxes and the gallery was important.

To create a point of difference in a competitive market, we collaborated with Venyu to create a series of custom CloudTour virtual tours of wedding venues.


For this project, we have a number of capturing options for the client including a quick shoot/budget option (one-shot 360-camera), a premium imagery option (HDR camera) and aerial imagery option. We also offer still venue photography and videography.


A custom CloudTour template was created for Venyu by our UI/UX and graphics team to work with the Venyu branding and website design. Venyu also utilise our CMS to update the information boxes and gallery images for each venue.


The tours are incorporated into the Venyu website for distribution. They can also be shared directly with customers and via social media.