Instagram filters go public with Spark AR Studio

Spark AR is Facebook’s tool for building augmented reality effects. Originally launched in 2018 for select creators in a closed beta program, Facebook recently opened access to the AR creation tool. Now anyone can create custom face filters and other effects, including for Instagram stories.

According to Facebook, more than 1 billion people have used AR effects created with Spark AR.  This includes on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Portal (what is portal?).  Presumably, now that we will see more and more filters on these platforms, these numbers will increase.

USeful Resources:

Spark AR Learning Centre

Spark AR Learning Centre has a suite of guides, tutorials, sample effects and scripts you can download and use to get started in creating your own filter.  I’ve had a good look through the resources and they are actually quite good and useful (especially compared to the Snapchat resources!).  The ability to download the files and follow along in the tutorials is great.

You can also join the Spark AR Community for inspiration, examples and support from fellow enthusiasts.

Content Creators

If you are struggling with concepts, the actual creation or the delivery of a Spark AR filter, let’s chat!  Outsorcing to a dedicated content creator can be a great way to get the ball rolling with a new project like this.


My favourite filter:

Bluey (ABC Kids)

Bluey ABC TV

Back in June, the ABC Kids Facebook page launched a Bluey filter.  If you are unfamiliar with Bluey, just ask a 4 year old.

The filter can be accessed via a simple URL link and when a user posts video or an image with the filter, the post includes a link so the next person can use it too.

Try it here

Written by:

Laura Tolson

Co-Founder of Lateral Vision

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