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Great Southern Rail virtual tour

The Great Southern Rail virtual tour is used to show the interior of the Indian Pacific and The Ghan trains. Operating across Australia, these trains take travellers to parts of Australia that no other holiday can match. Traditional photography techniques could not accurately portray the train interiors due to the limited field-of-view. Using 360-degree photography, we were able to capture the various cabins and dining carts in their entirety, including options to switch between day and night to see the beds in the up and down positions. 

Now embedded onto the Great Southern Rail website, the tour receives hundreds of visits each day with high levels of engagement from visitors all around the world. Thanks to the CloudTour Content Distribution Network (CDN), delivering the tour to a global audience through a globally distributed network of servers is accomplished, allowing visitors from around the world to experience the train with speedy load times.

The Great Southern Rail CloudTour allows users to explore the stunning accommodation provided on both The Gahn and The Indian Pacific Trains, as well as the various off train experiences.

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