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Lofty 360 Augmented Reality Mobile App

Lofty 360 is an Augmented Reality app that allows users to locate key South Australian locations and international cities from the summit at Mount Lofty. A pin is placed on these locations and dynamically allows users to view short descriptions of the location as well as the ability to click and find out more. Locations can be toggled based on different categories.

The main functionality of the Lofty 360 app is its capability to use the desired mobile devices camera, combined with GPS coordinates to map the users’ location and detect their orientation and position on the Mount Lofty summit.  With this information gathered the app then also uses Longitude and Latitude to position “pins” onto the key locations featured inside the app, these include such places as McLaren Vale, Adelaide Oval, Barossa Valley, Kangaroo Island, International Cities and many more.  All this is done live and augmented through the camera, meaning you see all locations as you move the device around to uncover more locations and cities. 


The app is available now in the Google Play and Apple App Store – just search for “Lofty 360”

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