TAFE SA Virtual Reality Training

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TAFE SA Virtual Reality Training

The TAFE SA virtual reality experience is an interactive and immersive tool for current TAFE SA Air-conditioning and Refrigeration students. The VR experience gives students access to areas they otherwise can’t visit, this can be due to safety restrictions, ease of access and capacity limitations. The plants visited are often extremely loud and compact, which provides issues in itself.

Lateral Vision visited these locations to film and capture the audio for the training material with TAFE SA lecturers Shannon and Sheamus. Sheamus was able to speak clearly to the camera as if it were a student and give a detailed uninterrupted explanation of the plant and various key aspects, Sheamus was able to do this with just himself and the camera in the room as we monitored from outside the plant.

Stereoscopic capturing has been used to give the students a realistic representation of depth and size to add another level of immersion. Everything has been designed with the user in mind to give students the most immersive and valuable experience we can. The experience has been rolled out in the TAFE SA Tonsley campus using the newly released Lenovo Mirage headsets.

Lateral Vision has been working closely with TAFE SA and Lecturer Shannon Baldock to create something new and innovative to further train students, as a result, the VR training experience has been gaining some public recognition.

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