Augmented Reality

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What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality, or AR, expands on our physical world where real environments are augmented with superimposed layers of digital information. Unlike VR, which requires you to be fully immersed, AR uses your existing natural environment and overlays virtual information on top of it.

“AR lets your users interact with your brand in a fun and social way”

The potential applications for AR are wide and varied. Applications of AR can range from animated wine labels to remote servicing of equipment and complicated instructions on how to perform a surgical procedure.


Our Process


Consultation, Idea generation, Storyboarding, Strategies, Distribution planning, Project management


Content capturing (mono & stereoscopic 360° video, 3D volumetric capture), Spatial audio, 3D modelling, Animation, UI/UX


Stitching, Colour correction, Timeline editing, Sound design, Platform development, App integration, Custom hardware, Testing & feedback


Project deployment, Analytics tracking, Hardware delivery, User guides, Training, Technical support

Some of our favourite AR projects


  • Lofty360 AR app
  • The Journey Beyond AR Experience

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