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Aerial drone services Adelaide

Why use Lateral Vision

Capture a unique aerial perspective with drones. 

Lateral Vision provides drone services in Adelaide and Australia wide. We are certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority for aerial operations. We utilise a range of drones that can cater for many requirements.

We are not just drone operators, with a keen eye for detail and ensuring all elements within the photo – lighting, composition, subject – work together to convey the right vision and message. We will ensure that your final images meet your requirements, including adding additional overlays, editing and enhancements for your next project – no matter how big or small.

Our Drone Services


Using a blend of technical skills and an artistic eye from above, we capture with a range of different drones and lenses to add that ‘wow’ factor to your next project.


We deliver outstanding video quality while adapting to the many changing environments in order to consistently deliver the best quality results.


We are able to capture large areas of land or the built environment with high-resolution maps to be viewed, analysed and used with existing planning tools.



We offer comprehensive, safe and accurate aerial inspection and monitoring services of infrastructure. 


Using the latest capturing and editing techniques, we create 360-degree aerial photos and video, delivering a truly unique perspective.

Virtual reality

Using 3D captured aerial data, inspect and view in virtual reality to analyse quickly while gaining a new perspective.

Success Stories

We tried a CloudTour for the first time recently, to visualise new streetscape designs in a regional city. It really worked. Helped the community understand the concepts. Motivated the client team. And attracted attention. Thanks Lateral Vision


Director, Jensen Plus

Rottnest Express couldn’t be happier with the 360 degree project recently finished for our business. The work was completed in a professional and very timely efficient manner with minimal direction provided by us. Alex has made it possible for our customers to get a real feel for the experience and service that we offer and has exceeded all expectation. Many thank!!


Marketing manager, Rottnest Express

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