Virtual Reality

Bring your brand to life with an interactive and engaging virtual reality experience that your customers wont forget

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is where you put on a headset and you are transported to a virtual world; the real world is blocked out. What you experience in a headset could be 360-degree video, or a computer-generated world, or a blend of the two

“VR has a unique ability to capture attention and keep people engaged”

VR is being used across many industries to engage with audiences in a unique way. From brand activations, expos and sales and marketing campaigns to its use in education and training settings, VR provides rich, immersive and interactive user experiences.



Our Process


Consultation, Idea generation, Storyboarding, Strategies, Distribution planning, Project management


Content capturing (mono & stereoscopic 360° video, 3D volumetric capture), Spatial audio, 3D modelling, Animation, UI/UX


Stitching, Colour correction, Timeline editing, Sound design, Platform development, App integration, Custom hardware, Testing & feedback


Project deployment, Analytics tracking, Hardware delivery, User guides, Training, Technical support

Some of our favourite VR projects


  • Seppeltsfield Village Virtual Tour
  • The Tonsley Innovation District Experience
  • TAFE SA Virtual Reality Training
  • Archery VR

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